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Hello, I'm Jamie
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I am a Montessori Mama


I honor the mother instinct within everyone who identifies as a woman. A pregnancy loss warrior, a mama, a healer. I understand that implementing a deep and sacred self-love balance in our lives will allow room for transformation. Let's begin your journey into becoming your most magical self as you begin your motherhood journey. 


Let's co-create the most ideal postpartum experience for you. The sacred window which is known as postpartum is a time of surrender and deep transformation. The mother should be taken care of as much as the baby. That way, your cup is filled to move forward into motherhood with purpose.


Through an ayurvedic technique - we not only digest the birth experience but also create a nutritional plan that focuses on your body type for optimal recovery. 



Are you ready to answer the call to a conscious and purposeful life? Creating ways to self-enhancement that helps you live mindfully and abundantly. Let's talk. I offer a 30- minute discovery call to talk about creating a heart-led life. 

Let's Begin

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