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Why I'm Here

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hello all, and welcome to my first blog post! It's a little nerve-racking but I am also so proud to be where I am today and share my story. Of course, my story has started long ago but recently has it changed so drastically that I had to take a step back and look at life through a different lensw, I really had no choice. Life throw's us curve balls, and man was I hit hard. We all go through trauma at one point in our lives. I remember hearing about it from other people and their stories, I felt sympathy but I was never really able to understand what they were truly going through. Death of a loved one changes us all. Death of four loved ones within less than a year shook my foundation. Here I am, with cracks in my foundation and continuously trying to patch it up. But I chose to do it mindfully, which is not an easy route to follow.

To patch up this broken heart, I have allowed myself to be completely honest with each and every emotion that has come my way. Due to these events, I have become an advocate for myself in a way I never thought was possible. My journey has been so remarkable, already, that I knew I needed to become a guide for those who need to travel through the treacherous and murky waters of trauma or pain. I am here to help you.

The deepest cracks of my foundations happened in January. I was 20 weeks pregnant and for the second time in the past year, I felt the fragility of life. My son - my hope, dream, love, and everything else in between was not going to ever see this world. The world that my husband and I as well as our family had started to create for him. Now, this on its own was extremely difficult but what made it even more painful was the fact that everyone knew. Every single person in my life knew that I was pregnant and had watched my body and motherhood grow. Then they knew my tragedy. I guess this how life works but I will admit it felt a little invasive.

So here I was, life had flipped the switch and I was the one that people couldn't relate too, didn't know what to say, and eventually stopped reaching out. This is where I started my journey of connecting my Body, Mind, and Spirit. This connection right here is why I can smile and laugh again. It's also why I have accepted the fact that I am a mother even without a physical child. It's why I changed my life's purpose to serve others.

So this is why I'm here. I am here to help you deal with the curve balls and cracks in your foundation. I am here to be your relational home, teach you what your brain is like on trauma, and help you grow away from the pain but also learn to live with it at the same time.

I am here for you.

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