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Building Your Armor

Have you ever want something so badly and see that everyone is getting it but it’s not happening to you? It feels like an arrow to the heart every time. Everywhere I turn, I see it and feel it. I discovered that someone that I work with daily is very early in her pregnancy. I feel as if I turn around and the entire world is embracing this beautiful aspect of life that pummeled me to the ground. I felt my heart in physical pain with the mantra “I hurt, I hurt, I hurt.” I recognized, truly, where I was in my healing process. I felt my pain for the rest of the night and I held it close as if it was a sacred treasure. This is how I am building my armor.

Life shoots bullets and we fall. We are connected to every human because pain is a common thread in life. I’m here to show you how I built my armor so that I may feel and work with my pain but love it all the same. I carry it on my shoulders for the entire world to see. It’s a scar I have turned into a beautiful masterpiece and it’s nowhere near finished. The results are beautiful but the journey is hard -

I fall

I cry

I dance

I laugh

I scream

I overwork myself

I fight

I don’t eat

I eat too much

But I never give up

Building your armor requires you to meticulously build and place each piece onto you. There will be scratches, dings, and chunks missing but to be so self aware of how each piece was created is the journey. I am grateful for my armor. I let myself feel this pain and was grateful to the reminder of where I am in my healing journey. My armor represents the woman I am becoming. It protects me from thoughts and movements that are harmful but it also shows the world that I am a warrior.

I am waiting patiently but I have plenty to do .

Are you ready for your armor?

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