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Womb To World Wellness

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Mother | Montessori Educator | Postpartum Doula | Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher

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Womb To World embodies the Mind, Body, Spirit & Heart Connection when it comes to parenting with a Montessori approach.


Through reconnection to your womb, healing while working with your mothering instinct, and creating a wellness routine that focuses on this sacred connection as we prepare for parenthood or want a deep connection with our maternal heart.


These are the first steps to focusing on wild wom(b)an wellness - the ultimate act of self-love


I'm Jamie Gilbert

My passion is child-led development beginning in infancy and continuing for life. I am a Montessori trained 0-3 years guide, a postpartum ayurodoula, and a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher as well as a women's wellness coach

I help mothers transition into motherhood with the support of the Montessori mindset through empowered birth, supportive postpartum, and partner in parenting in your child's early years of life.

I also specialize in preparation for pregnancy and supporting through pregnancy loss. 

This is a sacred space for any woman who is ready to answer the call to their own inner knowing as a mother.


Let's Rise, Mama

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